Brett Lien
Profile is a type of writing in which you describe and analyze a person or a place. You can find profiles almost anywhere whether it is in a newspaper or in a magazine. Profiles help us take a “behind the scenes” look at people who are famous. They can also look at ordinary people and what is going on in their lives that would otherwise remain overlooked or left out. Profiles can also be about a place which can look at many different factors of some place and look into and explore the different things there which would be worth taking a look at. Profiles are written through the eyes of the writer. This is what gives the profile a dominant impression or coherent sense of its subject. The first profile written by Buhle about Alewitz tells us first about where he grew up and then goes on to tell us how as a muralist Alewitz started in Cesar Chavez High School to Austin, Minnesota and is works were so significant. The second profile is written in sections about Dr. Love. It flows really well and when going back through it again like the book told us to do it was cool to pick out each section. The third Profile written by Mike Rose states a main claim in the first two paragraphs and then backs up this claim in the next paragraphs. The Visual design has a picture of something and then describes it on the side of the picture. It is cool to see the different pictures and what the photographer was trying to caption. The words and text of the pictures don’t always go along with the picture they are something you have to put together to make them go together. They compliment eachother but not directly.
Jesse Nessel
A profile is a witting about a person or place. It can be a real or imaginary place like say a character or place from a movie, television show, etc. The writing talks about characteristics of the person or place and describes it by answering questions such as, What is she wearing?, Why does she do it? What is the significance of this place in history?, How is this important?. An important thing to remember is that we are not seeing the person or place directly, but we are seeing it through the eyes of the writer. Profiles must have a dominant impression to work. In the Alewitz profile the author makes the murals on walls that he paints seem as good things and does not express the side that is against them. He uses multiple visuals of the work of the muralist in his writing and refrences them and uses them to help make a more dramatic effect. O’Neill uses a picture of a family to help strengthen her argument. In Rose’s case he uses an informal style of writing and uses a lot of emotional style words to help express his points of views and to get the information across.