Herb Brooks group contract
These bylaws pertain to the members of the Herb Brooks
I. If a group member is away for any reason and will not be able to attend a meeting, such as for work, going back home for the weekend, pre determined engagements, etc., said member must inform the group prior to absence so the other group members will have a chance to make arrangements to continue with work as usual. When said member is gone, member will continue with work that does not require meeting with the other members or will get a task from members to be completed. Group members will accommodate each other for absences that will take place.
II. If a group member should fail to stay in contact with at least one other group member the group member shall be removed by vote of other group members. If group member fails to keep up with work said member can be removed by vote by other members.
III. Each group member wants to receive the best grade possible and will work to the best of their abilities to accomplish the task at hand. This will include helping other members with their work as needed to help benefit the group as a whole since this is a group project. When this takes place, the member who received the help will also in turn help the member who helped him, by helping that member complete some of their tasks.
IV. Each group member wants to receive more than a grade out of this class. We want to learn how to work together as a group to accomplish something great. From the Hyper Media Profile assignment we want to get a better understanding of what a profile is and we want to learn more about our leader of choice.
V. When a difference of opinion arises we will go with the majority rule. If half the group members want to do a certain task one way and the other half want to do the task another way, a discussion will take place and the pros and cons of each argument will be presented and debated and then a combination of both will be established or if not we will bring in a third party to help with the decision.
VI. Each member of the group will complete their work in a timely manner. Work shall be completed and turned in, in accordance with the task list created by the members.
VII. Group members can be fired by falling to follow these bylaws established by the Herb Brooks group by being voted out by the other members. Said person can make an appeal to the group and can be reinstated depending on the vote of other members.

I have read through the above bylaws of the Herb Brooks group and understand them. I will herby follow these bylaws set forth by the Herb Brooks group and understand the consequences of not following these bylaws.

Jesse Nessel

Patrick Garcia _

Kaz Hultgren _

Brett Lien _