HMP Project Task List

Part of the project management set worth 10 points.

1. Read the assignment carefully and identify the required tasks. Put them down, with their due date.

2. Brainstorm a list of additional, specific tasks you need to do in order to complete your project. Avoid putting down “write” and “all.” Try to break the writing process down so you know that person X is going to write a specific aspect of your project by a certain date, and person Y will revise it by the following date.

Don’t forget about how you will learn some of these platforms. You should all be looking at these platforms on your own as well as together in your groups—try to account for learning curves, etc.

3. List and number each task below.

4. Assign a team member to each task.

5. Describe below how you will complete the project tasks. Be specific. If person Y is revising topic B, also make a note that you expect 5 quality suggestions that connect back to what you have learned in class, or how it can better connect to the Dominant Impression and established hyperlink theme, or something to that effect.

Team member
Date to be completed
Notes and Status
#1 Five Factors
Friday 9

#2 Title and introductory

#3 Writing papers
Monday 12

#4 Revise papers
Tuesday 13
Email them to each other
#5 Visuals

#6 Contract
Post on wiki, make changes
#7 Work Cited
Tuesday 13

#8 Group work days
Depending on schedules, Email each other

Add rows as needed.

Make sure everyone has easy access to a completed task list. Consult it every class period; note when a task has been completed, add tasks as needed.
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