The text length so far is pretty good, we still have a little that we can each add to it to make it better, but we have a good start.
The content so far builds on out impression of that he was a great coach and influenced many people. it does this well by explaining
his background and one of the greatest moments in American history.
The information is presented in small paragraphs so it is easy to understand and comprehension.

One problem that we we have is that our texts are different colors and some are a little bit smaller than others so we have to work on getting them all on the same page.
We all need to find pictures to incorporate into our pages. we have good content, but need to get the pictures to help bring it to the next level.
We had a lot of problems with the linking to other pages but got it figured out now and kind of did it a different way so out website flows together better.
We decided to go with a white text because it made it pop out more against the black background.
After getting our problems with the navigation bars and links out of the way, our website flows much better and is much easier to use.
The problem that we had with the navigation was that when we created text links it kept bringing us to the same page so it was really frustrating.